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Ready to to define, enhance, and supercharge your naturally beautiful facial features. Get started with the NuLift® Face Toner now and enjoy the results for life.

Fights wrinkles, puffiness, and aging lines. Tone and enhance facial contours for a firm, tighten look. Increase blood flow for a smoother skin and a younger, healthier glow.

Three distinct levels of micro-currents mimic your body’s natural ionic flow at varying levels of intensity.

Low-frequency radio vibrations stimulate blood flow and enhance lymphatic drainage to give your skin that extra “wow” factor.

Perfectly fits your hand, so you can massage away all day (you definitely don’t need to, but you could).


Get the skin of your dreams

You go to the gym, you get results. Why not do the same for your face? See why Nuvi is the easy, effective facial workout you never knew you needed.

‏‏‎✔ 85%

‏of users ‎reported improved facial contour

‏‏‎✔ 77%

‏‏‎of users reported a more toned jawline

‏‏‎✔ 80%

‏‏‎of users reported smoother skin

Don't take our word for it


Freaking love this thing- hello youth! And glowing skin! I’m 40 and just now realizing my skin is starting to show signs of aging. I’ve been using various potions and lotions but this seems to give the immediate results I was hoping for.

Madysen S.

Los Angeles, CA


It actually really freaking works WITH CONSISTENCY! I’m bad at forming habits but I swear to you, NuLift works if you are consistent. I’m happy I got it. My face is more toned and lifted.

Samantha L.

Chicago, IL


Love this. I tested this evening and saw immediate results after first use.

Jasmine N.

Seattle, WA


My skin is amazing now. What a miraculous product. Well worth the price.

Kevin H.

Nashville, TN


This works as advertised - I've been using it for 2 months and it's a notable difference in my jawline cheeks and forehead. It is my GO TO product and more than worth the money. Friends are asking on my IG what I am doing to reverse time. LOVE IT

Kimie D.

Philadelphia, PA


An electric microcurrent engages your skin cells and face muscles, giving them an active workout that feels like a gentle massage.


The ionic flow lifts eyebrows, defines cheekbones and jawlines, and firms and tightens skin. Nuvi enhances your features in mere minutes.


Like any good workout plan, consistency is key. Commit to this quick and easy routine (just 5 minutes a day!) and reap the glowing rewards

Moneyback guarantee

If you don’t love the results of your new glow-up, we’ll give you your money back, 100%

FDA-cleared technology

You don’t want just any old treatment on your face. Rest easy knowing ours is safe and vetted.

Clinical Power at home

Professional aestheticians have been using electric facial therapy for decades. Now you can too.

Curiosity is beautiful too. Here’s some FAQs:

Shipping is free world-wide. All orders are processed within 24-48 hours.

For the first 60 days, we recommend using your Nuvi 5 times per week for 5 minutes at a time. After that, 2-3 times a week to maintain optimal results. It’s the easiest workout plan you’ll ever have.

Everyone is unique of course, but most users see a noticable difference after only one use. And the more you use, the better it gets!

We’ve made this part as easy as possible for you. Hold down the power button to turn your Nuvi on and off. Press the power button to cycle through 3 distinct intesity levels.

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